Center for the Evolution of the Global Economy (CEGE)


Launched in Fall 2006, the Center for the Evolution of the Global Economy (CEGE) focuses on the study of the global economy past and present. The center builds upon campus strengths in the applied fields of international economics and economic history. The program, headed by Alan M. Taylor (Economics), seeks to promote understanding of the process of globalization in the long-run, employing cutting-edge comparative and global approaches to the study of economic issues. Economic responses to the external economic shocks that result from the processes of globalization are of special interest to affiliated faculty.

CEGEProgram participants include

Gregory Clark
Robert Feenstra
Peter Lindert
Giovanni Peri

The center’s activities are closely linked to two major international data collection efforts affiliated with the campus: the Penn World Table (Feenstra) and the Global Price and Income History Group (Lindert).

The program’s long-term goals are to develop international exchanges with to-level partners in support of scholarly research and training. The center has ties with such institutions as Groningen Growth and Development Centre, University of Groningen; University of Utrecht; London School of Economics; Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain) and the Economic History Initiative, Centre for Economic Policy Research (UK).

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